Client Testimonials & Reviews

Mr. Knightly – Standard Poodle

I have an “extra-large” standard poodle, now 2 years old, who is sweet, lovable, and smart. As a puppy, I thought I could train him myself, but as he grew leaps and bounds daily, I had difficulty controlling him. So I hired a puppy trainer in Chicago, who did teach him to walk on a leash, but he still chased any critter in site and was unfriendly with people and other dogs. When he was 1 year old, I moved to Tucson for the winter (2016) and enrolled him in a two week, intensive training program in Sierra Vista. Yes, after that he followed basic commands, walked well on a leash, and completely avoided other dogs and people, but he had lost his spark and personality. Wanting my dog back, I didn’t follow through with the harsh treatment he had received at Sierra Vista. So, of course, his “not-so-great” behaviors returned. Back in Tucson this winter (2017), I found (though the recommendation of a friend) New Dogs – Old Trix. Reluctant at first to put him in another intensive training program, after meeting Susan, the owner and trainer, I was optimistic. She seemed extremely knowledgeable, was friendly, yet very professional, the environment seemed right and my dog, now weighing almost 80 pounds, I had to do something.

The training program with Susan at New Dogs – Old Trix was, in a word, outstanding. Not only did she succeed in eliminating all of his “not so great” behaviors, like jumping on people, pulling on the leash, chasing every critter in site, being aggressive toward other dogs and humans, she did it with love and grace, wanting the best for my dog. She provided daily updates on how he was doing, with phone calls and video clips, invited me to join in training (which I did), used positive techniques (i.e., treats for positive behavior rather than negative blasts of electric current for unwanted ones), and encouraged play with her own dogs (who are lovely). She took him to stores and restaurants, where he learned to behave like a human! Training is now finished, and my giant poodle is not only as lovable and sweet as he always was, he also is well behaved. On our walks every day (usually off leash on Tucson trails, walking only a few feet in front of me as he was trained to do), he ignores the lizards, always checks back to see where I am and, if I stop, he runs toward me with passion. I am so, so grateful to Susan. She is, indeed, an expert trainer and if your dog is having any issue like mine did, I recommend her most highly!

Cindy T.
Tucson, AZ

Skye - Golden Lab

Skye – Golden Lab

I highly recommend New Dogs-Old Trix. My young Labrador retriever received amazing training. I had an energetic, out of control young dog at the same time my husband was very ill. Susan gave us the tools to keep the training effective after our dog transitioned home. Our lives were forever changed by having a well behaved and socialized dog who could be with my husband during his last months.


Vicki A.
Tucson, AZ


Trigger - German Shepherd

Trigger – German Shepherd

Susan did a good job with our difficult German Shepherd. The dog had been through various owners and rescue situations and lacked a sense of trust and socialization skills. She put order in his life, making him far more manageable and better able to deal with people and other dogs. A very important part of Susan’s training is the follow-up, and she has given us plenty of help above and beyond the completion of the board-and-train period. This continues to be an extremely important factor allowing us to properly maintain and continually improve our dog’s training level. A big thanks for everything!


Doug W.
Tucson, AZ

Max - German Shepherd

Max – German Shepherd

Lucy - German Shepherd

Lucy – German Shepherd

Susan kept both dogs for several weeks, but separately. She worked on the older dog’s aggressiveness and gave me hints and tools to keep her under control. She is much calmer since her stay with Susan and plays more appropriately with the puppy. She trained the puppy out of cringing whenever he was presented with new people or situations. He can now greet strangers, go into stores or walk through people with no problems. She has given me tools too get and keep him calm. Both dogs absolutely love her, so you know everything was done with kindness. Can’t recommend her too highly.

Jane A.
Tucson, AZ

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We had a wonderful experience with Susan. Our dogs adored her. They came home with a lot of great skills. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Ursala M.
Tucson, AZ

Maya - Miniature American Shepherd

Maya – Miniature American Shepherd

I was in over my head when I decided to get, not one but two Miniature American Shepherd puppies. I knew we had chosen an active and very smart breed, but I had no idea the difficulties I would have training them. Our male puppy, Max, was especially active and out of control. We sent him to Susan at New Dogs – Old Trix after looking into all of our options and after using two other trainers. She was recommended by a friend and we liked the one on one attention and that the training continues throughout the day and in a home situation. The difference in the behavior of Max after three weeks was incredible so we decided we had to send our female puppy too. Maya was so different from Max. She needed training too, but needed to be handled completely different as she is fearful and timid. Well after three weeks she came back more confident and obedient. Susan also takes a lot of time training the owners, so when you get your dogs back, you know how to handle them. Her advice and suggestions are always available and I know I can always contact her to ask training questions in the future. I continue to meet Susan for outings with the dogs and we have become great friends. I would highly recommend Susan for any dog and owner that needs training. She is truly amazing and loves what she does.

Stacy L.
Tucson, AZ

Perry - Schnoodle

Perry – Schnoodle

Susan was awesome with the training of my dog! I was very impressed with her skills and dedication. She not only trains the dog but she takes them out to be socialized. I wanted a camping dog that I could let off leash and be sure she would not wander far and came back when called. I now have that dog! She also has learned manners which is very important when greeting people and other dogs. I highly recommend Susan.



Peggy R.
Tucson, AZ

Mickey Hanoka

Mickey – Terrier Mix

New Dogs -Old Trix provided excellent training for my dog Mickey AND for me. Susan concentrated on issues I had with Mickey and I’m so pleased that he comes when called now, even when engaged with other dogs or is in an open space where he has the chance to run if he chooses to. That one thing has made both our lives so much better but he is much less timid and fearful now and enjoys life more. Just wish I could make the trip from Illinois with my other dog Maggie! Thank you Susan.


Vera H.
Champaign, IL

Max - Miniature American Shepherd

Max – Miniature American Shepherd

Susan was awesome with my miniature American Shepard. These are active dogs and I was in over my head. She not only trains the dog, but the owner as well. She continues to provide support and answer my questions. She is always available to me and made a word of difference in my puppies behavior. She even taught him to swim and now he is enjoying dock diving where as before he wouldn’t even swim! He is much more obedient, happy and confident. I would highly recommend Susan as your dog trainer.

Stacy L.
Oro Valley, AZ