Dog Videos

Morning Walk [1:18]
Meet my well-trained, well-socialized dogs. In the face of irrational exuberance, they keep their cool and carry on. The white pit-bull puppy, Bailey, who greets them without her owner’s knowledge, has since been trained by New Dogs – Old Trix. See the “Six-pack dog walk” and “Franklin the Gentle Giant” videos for updates.


Doggie 6 pack [1:17]
A normal state for dogs is to be part of a pack. Circumstances sometimes make them forget how to be a dog. In this video, you’ll see the white pit bull puppy, Bailey; an off-leash Husky in training; and a Corgi who was fearful and aggressive with other dogs participate in a walk. I have taught them all how to learn self-control, enjoy the company of their own kind, and follow commands effortlessly. The other three dogs are part of my pack. Dogs in training learn to mirror their behavior. The result is a faster and more solid learning process.


Snowy Tucson Morning Walk [2:32]
On a rare day of winter here in Tucson, I took my 4 dogs and two former “students” who were boarding at my house out for our morning walk. Such good doggies!


A Magic Moment between Shar Pei + Pit Bull [2:50]
I hope this video puts a great big smile on your face. While I shot this video “for fun,” there is a message for dog owners about what is possible and how even the most maligned breeds benefit from socialization and relaxation. Enjoy!


Meeting Javelinas On Our Evening Walk [3:02]
My dogs’ ability to disregard their instinctive reaction to chase the Javelinas in this video is the result of rehabilitation and training. I know I can trust my dogs to trust me off-leash and disregard their prey mode urge. Keeping everyone calm and non-threatening, including the Javelinas, is an important lesson for owners. The potential to encounter an off-leash dog or wildlife during a pleasant walk with their dog is likely. Whether it is a squirrel or a mountain lion, an owner who can override their dog’s initial impulse can count on their own safety as well as the safety of their dog.


Franklin – The Gentle Giant [2:40]
Franklin was abandoned off a major highway in Tucson, AZ in the heat of the August sun. His rescuer took him in without any knowledge of what a special guy he is. New Dogs – Old Trix has undertaken his basic training. His foster Dad has housed, fed, neutered, and provided him all inoculations. When he arrived, he was uncontrollable, tick-infested, severely underweight, and clearly frightened. Since then, he has shown his true colors. He is a big sappy galoot who only wants to be loved and gets along with everyone, canine and human.


Ava & Suki [4:30]
Four year old Ava used to scream and run away at the sight of a dog. Since her family adopted two of their own dogs, she has built enough self-confidence to assist New Dogs – Old Trix with this Dalmatian who regularly ran over the two young children she lives with. I’m not sure who to be more proud of in this video…


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Puppy Socialization Classes

Susan Del Signore of New Dogs - Old Trix is proud to partner with Brittany Brauer of K9 Guidance to Inclusion to offer our Free Puppy Socialization Classes, along with the all new Free Adolescent Socialization Classes. Each class will be held most Saturday's at 9 am for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 5 months, and 10 am for adolescent dogs between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. To register, please CLICK HERE and fill out the registration. All puppies and dogs must be fully vaccinated (parvo, distemper, rabies and lepto) for THEIR CURRENT AGE through a licensed veterinarian. Classes will be held outdoors in a beautiful snake proofed, large arena on the Southeast side of Tucson.